Little Town

I normally don’t celebrate my birthday, but for this year we went down south to relax. I don’t really consider it as a birthday celebration though, it just so happens I took a leave from my work on my birthday week (because no one wants to work on their birthday) and I invited two of my closest friends to come with me to Moalboal. Plus, it’s summer!

Moalboal is a small town located south of Cebu, Philippines. Famous for being a tourist spot, I’ve heard so much about it growing up, but I never had the urge to visit the place as I am someone who avoids crowded places. But we went there since I would want to try “diving” and swimming with the sardines and I really did not want to spend more than two hours on a bus. I never knew Cebu had its own mini-less-crowded-Boracay. No, Moalboal does not have fine white sand beaches, far from that actually, but the setup is more or so about the same. Resorts and restaurants are lined up, different water activites are available for you, and there’s the sea — not that different, right? Okay, maybe a little bit different. Nonetheless, the town was beautiful and a perfect two-day getaway.

I have some photos from our swim with the sardines. Would you guys want to see that?

Enjoy these photos for now!



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