Welcome to my humble abode!

It feels a bit weird blogging again. A couple of months ago, I thought I could let go of blogging and perhaps try my luck in vlogging. It seemed fun as my favorite influencers lately are YouTubers. I was inspired! Unfortunately, seeing myself talking in front of the camera does not really translate comfort to me. Maybe when I’m more comfortable with showing myself to the world wide web in the months or years to come, I’ll have a go with it again.

But for now, I really missed blogging. So here I am.

WordPress.com is so different from WordPress.org. I am kind of tempted to use the latter again. I was used to hosting my own blog with my own domain, but this would do in the meantime. I’m just so glad I found this website theme that is quite simple and flexible — perfect for photos and blogging.

As I was visiting my favorite blogs again, I’ve noticed that blogs now are using wide themes. It must be the trend in blogging nowadays. I feel like a beginner all over again.

You may know me from my blog before or you may not. In any case, what have I been missing in this wonderful world of blogging? Do comment below and leave your links. I need a refresher!


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